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Daily Feedbag

Pardon the misnomer, as this is becoming a weekly event. But hey, it's December. Oh, and a few internals:

  1. I'll be out before the end of the week. This kid s/b here shortly. Pete will hear if we're at the hospital and he can run things.
  2. Anonymous commenting is going to stay turned off. It's hard to know if it's having an effect, since I can't detect the messages that are turned away or not written, but word around the Sportsblogs network is that we're the last ones to even consider leaving it on. The problem is spam, of course. If anyone is concerned about this, email me at
  3. Finally, I've got the wristband letter just about written and will be sending it to Cycle Sport today, time permitting. When the letter is done, I'll paste it into a diary.
Onto the Cycling...
  • Highlights of the day are two extended reviews of the Giro'07 Corsa Rosa:

  • What is it about Brits and the Hour Record? Chris Hoy becomes the latest to plot a challenge, next year some time. Yo, ever hear of mass start races? [OK, I'm not one to talk.]
  • Phil Anderson returns to the news... with a messy divorce.
  • Gibo Simoni returns to the Zoncolan, reconning the site of his 2003 stage win. Nobody is more pleased than I am at the prospect of Simoni being the focal point of this Giro, which suits him perfectly. Yay.
  • Stef Schumacher is planning his 2007 around the worlds, scheduled for Stuttgart.
  • Zabel: Vino! will win the Tour. Isn't it time we changed his name from Vino to Vino!...? There's something about him that just says "exclamation point."
  • Apparently Switzerland has an actual "sporting fraud" cause of action, cuz Pascal Richard just got found guilty of it. This might be the day's most important story after all is said and done.