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True Nuggets from Phil

"WADA and the UCI have both handled the doping scandals without any sensitivity or diplomacy and that the Press has taken the wrong stand in becoming judge and jury. The UCI's threat to reduce the Grand Tours is the single biggest threat our sport has faced in years and if they do it, it will be the nail in the coffin of a sport that was born out of the ashes of long-distance suffering. In short, the very thing that makes our sport so popular will be destroyed. Who cares after one year who has won the Tour of Germany or the Tour of Britain? Everyone cares who has struggled over three weeks to win the Vuelta, Giro or Tour and they must remain untouchable. If the UCI really believes that shortening the Grand Tours will reduce doping, then they are living a dream. The UCI has already weakened our track sport at Olympic level by taking away the kilometer and 500 metres races. What else is the new breed at the top capable of?"

How can you not love him? This is stolen from Pez btw.