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Tour of Cali Route Announced

Uh, OK, so I got the emails, but where the hell was my invitation to the big gala? Sorry, but if the Tour of California is going to go big time, they need to have a red carpet event, preferably in Solvang (at a winery or something) and shmooze the big time Cycling media. Which is where we come in.

Ah, well, at least they have a toney web site. Oh, and when did Stockton migrate to the Riviera?

Anyway, the site includes maps, a rundown of the stages, a look at the jerseys, and even a merchandise site, where you can buy an official ToC bike. Leave it to the manufacturers of EPO* to have their sheit together.

[*AmGen officially would rather EPO saved lives, not cycling palmares.]

VeloNews bills the race as harder than last time while doing a general roundup. Better bet today, though, is CyclingNews, who have a nice snappy rundown of the stages. Apparently the second stage to Sacramento is intended to be an earlier challenge than last year's  laudable inaugural featured, while the ITT was moved to Friday, in Solvang, after the queen stage along the coast to SLO. Pro Tour teams include Disco, CSC and You're Pregnant-Lotto.

And the best news of all? February 16 isn't all that far away.