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Basso vs Bettini vs DNA

Kind of an ugly spat brewing over in Rainbow Jersey world, where Paolo Bettini is so outraged over the possibility of providing a DNA sample that a) he's ready to quit, and b) he's ready to push Ivan Basso off a cliff.

There are two unseemly elements here, neither of which is flattering to the soon-to-be-briefly-beloved world champion: his adamant opposition to DNA testing makes him, at best, a major obstructionist (I'm open to counterarguments but for now I can't see the downside to DNA testing). And his vitriol at Basso is even weirder -- he alternately takes Basso to task for breaking rank, then implies he's a doper.

I'll be shocked if Basso lets himself get drawn into an exchange here, but you never know. Meanwhile, when Bettini says he will retire as soon as he gets a call from WADA or whomever asking for his DNA, who do you think is most likely to start working on their WADA tester impersonation? Basso? Tom Boonen? Davide Rebellin? Igor Astarloa?