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Coors Classic Reunion... on Your TV

The good folks at VeloNews sent Professor Wilcockson around the corner last night for a Coors Classic reunion, a gathering at a Boulder bike shop celebrating the 12 year history of the race in the late 70s and 80s, highlighted it seems by a rousing speech from Davis Phinney, sort of the American Erik Zabel who actually won the last edition in 1988 along with his Binda-like total of stages.

Whatever? well, if you weren't there but still have a place in your heart for America's most recent attempt at a mini-Tour de France, apparently you can plunk down for the 8-hour DVD whose launch brought this august crowd together. See Bernard Hinault in prison-stripes (the leader's jersey)... and see Jonathan Boyer without them. See spectacular stages on par with anything from the Dolomites or Pyrenees. And hear from Phinney, America's most likeable cyclist.