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CAS to Hamilton: Give it up Tyler!

Tyler Hamilton's last effort to overturn his suspension was denied today as the Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled unanimously against him.  The VeloNews article linked here is the most thorough coverage I've found.  But if you want to cut out the middleman and read the decision itself, here it is in a .pdf.

This should be the end, especially since Hamilton got the CAS to recognize his original suspension date of September 23, 2004, meaning he should be reinstated this year on the same date.  That's two days before the World Championships road race in Austria.  Will he be sporting stars & stripes that day?  Chances are, of any competent American rider still going in the fall, Hamilton will have the freshest legs.  Two days too late for the TT championships, where he could have challenged for runner-up to Michael Rogers.

Does anyone know what the worlds course looks like this year?  I'm assuming that if it's in Austria, it's not going to be a sprinters' affair.