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Daily Feedbag

Something to munch on at your desk...

  • The Tour of Cali is advertising a play-by-play service through their website when the racing goes live Sunday.  True, it will be hard for them to match the snarky Austrialian commentary we're used to from the live reports at, but it beats waiting 12 hours for ESPN's highlight show and the inevitable explanation of how a bike works.
  • A race report! In what we can only hope is the first of numerous such battles this year, Alessandro Petacchi's new Milram leadout train lifted him over Tom Boonen in stage 3 of the Ruta del Sol, a/k/a Vuelta Andalucia.  Carlos Garcia Quesada retains the overall lead, even though Rodrigo Garcia Rena has the same time.  In case of ties, riders are listed alphabetically, I guess.
  • OK, it's not a competition, but as of this moment has their Ruta stage 3 race report up and is still stuck on stage 2.  VN also beat CN on the Hamilton and Heras decisions, although in fairness a lot of these results and announcements occur well into the drinking hour, Australian time. Update [2006-2-14 16:35:7 by chris]: Three hours later, no CN results. Is it a holiday in Oz? Paul Hogan Day or something? Update [2006-2-14 19:19:39 by chris]: It's over! It's all over! CN is back...
  • We will try to wrap up the previews this week for teams headed to Sausalito this weekend.  You've probably noticed we're going two-by-two, if only because ten such entries will be a lot less wearing on you and me than twenty would. Later today: the Germans are coming!