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New sprinter on the block

Keep an eye on Graeme Brown of Rabobank. He's a young Ozzie sprinter who came over from Panera in the off season. He's won a lot in the past at some of the smaller races, including Tour de Langkawi, and is thoroughly detested (or so I've read) by a good many riders, including McEwen (Hello pot? This is the Kettle) and Stuey O'Grady.

Now, this could be because Brown is

  1. young
  2. brash
  3. successful
  4. Australian
but any way you look at it, it will be really fun to see how he's recieved going up against the big boys and their trains week in and out. Looks like he had a good finish today in the Ruta, I just hope he doesn't become the southern hemisphere's answer to Rene Hasselbacher (Sarah's favorite).