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CSC in the Spotlight

Check out Pez today at the CSC launch.  Not quite as up close and personal as Steve's ride with the guys, but they roll out the charm, and also hint that Zabriskie's their man for the ToC:

When I asked Bobby Julich about his personal stake at the Tour of California, he bluntly admitted, "I don't think I have the legs to put me on top of the podium but I know who - and I'm not telling you - is riding very very well right now. I'd be very disappointed if CSC didn't have him on top of the podium" (....think US rider).

David Zabriskie, possibly the most laid back yellow jersey rider ever, smiled and effused his take on it: "Berkely was my backyard for 4 years, I'm ready... and I LOVE this state, and this country, participating in this to me is a BONUS."

A spate of interviews is expected to follow.