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Let's take a closer look at CSC....Technically speaking ...

CSC has always had bold and interesting choices in components. FSA supplies the crankset and cockpit. The FSA crankset (SLK MegaExo with an outboard oversized bearing BB) is a light and stiff set up employing high modulus carbon fiber and a one-piece driveside/spindle splined design. The total weight of the bb and crank is 785 grams rivaling any set up by Campy or Shimano.

The FSA OS-115 stem is a cold-forged 7075 aluminum model with a four bolt carbon front cap design that is durable, light and good looking (IMHO).  The stem is mated to the teams choice of bars, but the most popular seems to be the RD-200 model. This is a quad-butted 7075 aluminum bar that is stiff and light (215 grams in a 42 cm size).

The drivetrain is Dura Ace 10 which is a tough workhorse and the team is sponsored by Speedplay who supplies the pedals.  ZIPP' are most common wheels of choice (404's and 202's) for the Danish team.

The true jewels of the CSC setup however are the Cervelo frames. The R 2.5 and the R3 are the standard road issue. Both frames are light with a carbon fiber tube and lug designs. The R3 is a slightly beefier model designed for the hardships of the spring classics as well as tough sprints. The 2.5 is more of a climbing bike. There is also a model called the Soloist Carbon which is an aero frame and the bike of choice for Jens Voight.

I have always been intriqued by Cervelo. A Canadian company, they focus on designing bikes that serve the needs of any racer. The P3C is a pure speed machine designed for fast races against the clock and it is available to the masses. This is the one with a very short wheelbase and a seat tube that curves around the rear wheel. Very unique.

The different models all have a racing purpose as opposed to say Pinarello, which makes the Dogma, Paris Carbon and Montello for racing, and everything else is just a lesser version of those. Ivan, Carlos, Bobby, Jens, Dave and the rest of the guys will sleep well knowing they are riding a frame that suits their styles to a tee.