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Daily Feedbag

Busy day today in the world of Cycling:

  • Boonen strikes back at the Ruta del Sol, pipping Petacchi. Yo, game on.... Carlos Garcia Quesada wins the overall.
  • The UCI tells the Grand Tours to pound sand, once more. That's their official response to the Grand Tours trophy idea. Apparently the UCI lawyers haven't gotten amnesia and forgotten who wields all the power in this dispute.
  • More race results: Bernhard Eisel takes stage 2 at the Algarve, besting lots of big names in the sprint.  A few notables: Eeckhout (3rd) bounces back, Robert Forster (7th) and Henk Vogels (9th) in the mix, Van Petegem (15th) testing his legs...
  • Check out Mick Rogers in his stripey TT kit.  T-Mobile's latest addition talks to VeloNews.  Left unaddressed is how he plans to escape the T-Mobile graveyard where new signees' careers always seem to wind up.  Surprise, another VN puffpiece.