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Daily Feedbag -- ToC Edition

  • Lots of coverage of today's prologue up to Coit Tower.  Check out the happy stage winner at's main recap or's version of same.
  • Some race photos of note: my favorites are Leipheimer and his tifosi, this one of Toyota-United's inauspicious start, Chris Horner repping his new team, and, of course, the devil.
  • Bad day for domestic mechanics.  Toyota-United's mysterious problem was nothing compared to Health Net's Nathan O'Neill, who's last-minute trip over his bars had something to do with his chain coming off, he claims.
  • Trivia Note: Bobby Julich raced the Coors Classic, making him the lone (I think) bridge from America's stage-racing past to its present and (we hope) future. Speaking of the past, Professor Wilcockson runs down the race's antecedents.
  • Big winners today have to be the organizers.  Wittingly or otherwise, they hit upon a formula that was perfect for getting attention, something every young race absolutely requires. The steep climb through a picturesque city scene meant fans would be there, have something to watch, and go away feeling fulfilled in knowing that the big guns performed.  Fabian Cancellara's early time looked like another win by a "prologue specialist" (don't get me started), but in the end the organizers got a leaderboard consisting of Tour de France protagonists -- the firstfive of which are Americans.  If something could have gone better for the race itself today, I'd like to hear it.
  • Whew!  And only four more hours until ESPN shows a recap! Oh, and I met Sean Kelly today at a trade show in Seattle.  I'll cover that in a diary, if you're interested.