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Daily Feedbag: ToC Edition

  • VeloNews breathlessly reports that Floyd Landis doesn't know what he's in for in today's second stage, the long drag to San Jose. It's at the start of their live report, which you can get to from their front page. Apparently Landis thinks today will be another mass finish, but VN, citing the big climbs, paints this as heresy or naivete or both.
  • ESPN's presentation of stage routes by Google Earth have been an unmitigated disaster, but here's a good old course profile. Google maps probably work a lot better in, say, an internet browser than on TV, where it whooshes by too fast, and in unreadably small text, with no contours. But I'm not complaining...
  • The jaunt up Sierra Road apparently is a category 1 climb, making it one of the race's true tests, and with a half-dozen other climbs over 152km, today will at least give the peloton a good workout, if not a shakeout. Live coverage is now on; the race should be over around 3pm Pacific.
  • Busy week coming up elsewhere in the sport. Het Volk is Saturday, with Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne running on Sunday., as usual, has the full calendar. And we'll get more team and race previews going later this week. Next: Phonak and Discovery!