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PM Roundup

  • So Hincapie, eh? We'll have to go to the videotape, but it sounds like Discovery and CSC had a lot more control over the closing KMs than Gerolsteiner did, but perhaps that had to do with all the work the powder blue boys did in chasing the early break. A tactically fun race on a cool course... add in a victorious American star, and you've got another great day for the race committee.
  • As if he didn't have enough to do, Leipheimer posts a diary at CN. He's obviously tired and not fully in control of his emotions, although in a moment of clarity he reflects on the need to take out Zabriskie in Stage 2 before the big TT. Mission not accomplished.
  • Pez reports today on whether your powertap and SRM numbers are accurate enough to mean anything. Relax, breathe slowly...