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Daily Feedbag: ToC Edition

  • Yesterday was a lot of fuss about... well, a sprint finish. Still, some excellent riding and some interesting, talented guys came out to play: Gusev, Horner, Hayden Roulston, David Kopp, Lars Bak, and il Falco for a while. CSC's site reports on Lars' big day for which he was named most aggressive rider.
  • Pez has a big spread today on JJ Haedo's day yesterday. And a fine day at that. Anyway, Pez had their man in Toyota's team car, so get the insider's look at a winning ride.
  • VeloNews has a photo spread up from yesterday's stage, the postcard... I mean queen stage of the race.
  • Levi has another diary up at CyclingNews, including his take on today's strategy:
I know the main climb in tomorrow's stage well, and it's not that difficult, but seeing as we're five days into the race it's possible that it may have a bearing on the outcome of the stage. Having said that, I think tomorrow we'll go out aggressively again and try and get one of the guys in the break because I think one of these days the break is going to go to the finish - a guy like my teammate Fabian Wegmann is a rider who could stay away all day on one of these stages.