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Quick Omloop Het Volk/K-B-K Links

Drew gets us started on Het Volk below, so here are some places to follow up.

  • Cycling news' race preview, with a reminder that they'll be live at 8am Eastern tomorrow. [I assume that's what Cycling.TV meant too, even though it said 8:00 GMT.] Also, VeloNews has a two-paragraph reminder of the race, but it's completely unacceptable and I refuse to link to it.
  • If you speak the language or have Dutch/Flemish-to-English translation software (attention Mac users!), you might be able to decipher the orgy of coverage at Het Nieuwsblad. Interestingly, the Het Volk newspaper site links to the same sports page ( that Het Nieuwsblad does... so maybe their old newspaper/cycling rivalry went under? Are the papers merged? Yo, Belgian readers, help me out here...
  • Team CSC gives its take. And no, O'Grady isn't taking the red-eye to get there.
  • Quick Step's site wins the prize for most quixotic Het Volk preview. Davitamon's site is also pretty quiet... is there some Belgian superstition about talking before a race?