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Daily Feedbag: Belgian Edition

  • First, the race reports ... does Het Volk and Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne. Velonews embarasses itself with a one paragraph description of the former and nothing on the latter. You can go read it but I refuse to help. Over at Bicirace, you can sift through the coverage of Paolo Bettini's win in Lugano to find reports from both Saturday and Sunday. Pez, meanwhile, does a terrific recap on the weekend's frites consumption.
  • As usual, Het Nieuwsbladt is a blizzard of coverage, which I plan to translate tonight on the Mac. Stay tuned. If nothing else, Sherlock translations of newspaper articles are chock full of unintended comedy.
  • Eurosport, meanwhile, hasn't heard back from its correspondent in Kuurne, but they do have the inside scoop on who unearthed Lance's old samples in last summer's doping dustup with l'Equipe. L'Equipe, meanwhile, is more circumspect, contenting itself with race reports.
  • Traffic over at has nearly brought the site to a halt. Last I checked I was one of four visitors. Anyway, he's been a little busy to post any news, and the FDJeux site only has a wire story in French.