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ToC Post Mortem

Not much changed in the last few days, so I'll keep this brief.

Winners: In no particular order, JJ Haedo, Landis (ya think?), T-Mobile, US racing fans, Pollack, Hincapie, Amgen, California tourism.

Losers: CSC (unless their goal is to round out the field), Davitamon, maybe those KB Home Mexican Nationals guys. Other than that, it's hard to believe anyone else feels bad about a beautiful week spent getting in some early season race time. Does Credit Agricole care they didn't bag any stages? Doubtful. This isn't Paris-Nice.

Neutrals: Leipheimer, who has another diary entry up at CN, did well but, let's face it, he came to win. Landis' mates didn't show up in the results, but they functioned well enough as a team to win the big prize. Discovery got a couple stages, but it seemed like they wanted to get some of their other riders some results, and anyway after having a stranglehold on American cycling, they had the most to lose. Still, they rode well.