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Waxing Poetic

  •  The first week in the history of the Podium Cafe is just about a wrap!  Visitors have stopped by from the US, UK, Japan, Korea, and two unknown countries, at least one of which appears to be Canada.  Must be using those CIA maps again.  Rest assured the Department of Homeland Security is getting right on it.
  • As previously mentioned, we will start winding it up toward the official start of the season at, well, um... Het Volk?  Tour of Cali?  Depends who you ask I guess. Anyway, we will have previews of each team, one at a time, and Mr. Van P. will preview each team's hardware.
  • Dog Days in Seattle -- Tomorrow's training ride will have an extra fun feature: sustained winds gusting up to 60mph! My rims can handle some downed branches, though not so much the power lines.  Hello Computrainer!
[Brief racing tangent: Tom Boonen won another repetitive stage in Qatar, edging out Zabel for the day and the overall title.  I could tease Zabel about his streak of seconds, but Pete and Drew worship the guy, so I'll shut up.]
  • XMas Redux -- Every cyclist dreams of the day the shop calls and tells him/her that their new gruppo has arrived.  Today's my lucky day.
  • Coming Monday -- The Belgians!  And some more links should go up over the weekend.  Oh, and by dint of address I feel compelled to say... Go Seahawks!