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Open Thread

Wanna see the worst cycling outfit ever?  Talk about wind drag. Still, you could fit a lot of sponsors on a burka...

On the other hand, at least the Emir's daughter knows how to handle a classy ride (a top-shelf Merckx), which is more than you can say for some supermodel I've never heard of.  Maybe riding in the drops is bad for one's posture.

In more meaningful news, the parcours for Paris-Nice was announced.  Interesting that the race, which is an ASO affair and therefore part of the grand tours in the dispute with the UCI over the Pro Cycling Tour, nonetheless invited all 20 PCT teams.  Could this be a way of preserving the opportunity for settlement?  Could it be a signal that a settlement is imminent?  Maybe... but then the 20 PCT teams were so designated for a reason.