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Tech Talk 2- Quick Step

Tom Boonen, Paolo Bettini and the boys will be riding on the Time VXRS frames, complimented with the Campy Record group and wheels supplied by Fulcrum (a division of Campy).  The VXRS is a frame that I have secretly lusted after for a couple years.  The frames are hand crafted in France and use a lugged carbon design.  The seat tube extends through the frame to form a one-piece (sort of) seatpost/frame with a small telescoping post to custom fit the ride.  Time uses the "SAFE" fork that has a 1 1/8" steerer at the top that tapers to 1 1/4" at the crown (in fairness, the Damocles has a similar fork).

This is another frame built for the classics and the lugged design may be a bit heavier than a monocoque frame, but it is made to withstand all the jarring cobbles of Flanders.  Honestly, if I crack my Pinarello, I'm begining the search for this frame....