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Open Thread

Slowish day today... Coming tomorrow, Rabobank and CSC: Two Teams, One Plan!

  • Is it bad when a team doesn't win its sponsor's race? One lesser jersey at least? Doesn't seem like too much to ask. With one potential face-saving stage to go, look for the Illes Balears boys to burn some matches tomorrow.
  • Tour of Cali on tap in... 11 days!
  • Sometime this week, an ESPN insider is going to burst my bubble about their increasing cycling coverage.  I'll post something as soon as it comes in. 2006 is an election year, and I swear to vote for whichever candidate will do the most to increase live television coverage of pro cycling in the United States. F--- ESPN, it's time to go over their heads.

    Update [2006-2-8 19:34:24 by chris]: A little birdie just told me ESPN is already getting cold feet about the Tour of Cali. Frankly, I never thought all sports cable programming was a good idea.