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Announcing the Class of 2010

Cycle Sport picked off one of my pet subjects for the spring... assembling the roll of excellent young riders pouring into the sport. It occurs to me, though, that this story will take some work. So for now, let me recite their list, give you some names from my list, and then let's hear yours.


  • Frank Schleck, CSC
  • Simon Gerrans, AG2R
  • Saul Raisin, CA
  • Thomas Lovkvist, FdJ
  • Markus Fothen, Gerolsteiner
  • Danilo Napolitano, Lampre
  • Pieter Weening, Rabo
  • Jose Angel Gomez Marchante, Saunier
  • Linus Gerdemann, T-Mobile
  • Daniele Bennati, Lampre
My list so far, i.e. from teams we've previewed here: Schleck, Fothen, Stephen Schumacher, Fabian Wegmann, Pippo Pozzato (already arriving), Wim Van Huffel, Stijn Devolder, Andre Greipel, Heinrich Haussler, Vlad Gusev, Popovych, Patrick Sinkewicz. Oh, and Boonen, if he isn't sipping ouzo on his yacht in the Greek Islands by then.

Of course, the obvious flaw in my list is I haven't bothered with the French, Spanish and Italian teams yet. So this is a start.

Yours? How about top 5?