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Tech Talk: Campy Eurus Wheels

So I raced today at the local office park crit and although my goal was fitness (I finished mid pack), I finally got to test the Campy Eurus wheelset that I picked up last fall.  They corner with ease and roll very well which was to be expected.  What I did't expect was how fast they accelerate.  I was able to cover each attack with an ease that I'm simply not used too.  Although the listed weight of this wheelset is 1,560 grams, they feel much lighter while riding.  The model I have are the 2005's.  They have changed them a bit for '06, wider aero spokes, different rim profile for the front and back and a whole lot more money.  The 2005 models are out there for a good price.  I highly recommend that you give them a try.