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Daily Feedbag

Lots of rider news, interviews, and other amusements today...

  • If Solvang, California really wants to become the home of Cycling in the U.S., it borrowed the wrong Scandinavian name. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Hammerfest, Norway. Of course, lying so far north of the Artic Circle means you should plan your training camp there after, say, June 1. Or bring your night-vision goggles.
  • VeloNews, intent on proving its irrelevance in both on-line and print formats, has a huge spread on the Tyler Hamilton verdict this week.  Next up: Lance Armstrong retrospectives!
  • VeloNews breathlessly tells us that intrepid Jan Ullrich will start his season at the Circuit de Sarthe on April 4 and bag the spring Classics. I know that sounds like a summary of a longer, more interesting article, but in actuality that's the whole thing. We keep the portion sizes small here in the feedbag.