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Daily Feedbag: MSR Edition

It's all about la Primavera, a/k/a la classicissima, a/k/a... oh, never mind. This is the country where everyone has multiple handles (Pantani, a/k/a elefantino, a/k/a il pirate), so we shouldn't be shocked that their sporting events have five different names too.

  • Pez boys were burning the midnight oil last night, unleashing 7,000 column inches on the race today.  First off, here's their preview where they mention all the names you and I have thought of, as well as a couple more (Igor Astarloa in the house?). Also, in Pez style, they find an obscure first hand account from mid-90s contender Max Sciandri, former token Italian for Motorola.
  • VeloNews is first to post a start list. Actually, CN has theirs up too, but let's give VN a pat on the back today. They're trying to keep up, god bless 'em. Update [2006-3-15 14:35:12 by chris]: Drew correctly points out that CN's is accurate, VN's lagging. Methinks the explanation has something to do with that interactive editor job they've been trying to fill for a while.
  • Bicirace has their preview up as well, though it's kind of pathetic. Still, it's better than can be said for La Gazzetta Dello Sport, which has nothing up at all despite being a title sponsor.