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Daily Feedbag: MSR Edition

After yesterday's orgy of repetitive previews, the Cycling world is in exhale mode today. Just a couple things to pass on.

  • Information about live TV coverage has reached a crisis. Eurosport's schedule shows live coverage of the last two hours but it's not clear whether that's video streaming or just text comments. Best bet: stop by, they have a set of links on the left to places like RAI, which may show it, possibly with the live streaming that was my lifeline during the Giro last year. "Il crampo! Il crampo! DiLuca ha un crampo!!!"
  • As flawed as may be, they still have their Professor Wilcockson trump card, which they played today as part of their MSR preview. How can one become so learned in less than 275 years of life? Anyway, it's their lead today, so you can quickly click on the story without having to sift through the flotsam. And you'll enjoy classic tales like this:
On reaching the coast road of the Italian Riviera at the foot of the pass, conditions became brighter and Christophe, age 25, soon overtook the handful of riders who had passed him during his stop at the inn. He arrived in San Remo an hour before the runner-up, but he was still suffering from frostbite and spent the next month recovering in a clinic before he could ride his bike again.