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Why Pez rocks (the website, not the candy)

This is just a quick bit of thanks to Edmond Hood and Richard Pestes over at Pez Cycling. Long story short, in 2 weeks I'm going to Paris to meet a friend of mine and together we will attend the Tour of Flanders, Gent Wevelgem, and Paris Roubaix (of course the bikes are coming with us).

Update [2006-3-17 20:50:56 by chris]: Is it time to kill Drew? Tough call, he's also supposed to be our crack correspondent for Flanders-Roubaix week.

I had recently written to Pez for some advice on where to watch the races, what to do before hand, etc., since they cover the Classics so well. Edmond and Richard responded with detailed information and insider tips and I'd just like to thank them publicly for it and encourage all our readers to check out Pez Cycling on a daily basis. It's the kind of site that caters to folks like us - very interested fans who know the difference between La Doyenne and the Queen of the Classics, and aren't afraid to call bullshit on certain sites (rhymes with melo mews) when they put out tripe.

I'll be taking as many photos as possible and posting them on our site, as well as sending some to Pez for upload to their site (if they deem them fit for publication.)