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Daily Feedbag: MSR Edition

Just a few more hours to kill...

  • OLN's coverage of MSR takes place some 30 hours late (5pm Eastern Sunday), but watching last week's show made me appreciate the value of any video. It's hard to appreciate the incredible acceleration Paolo Bettini put in to win stage 2 of le Due Mari by reading a one-line description.
  • Michael Boogerd needs to stop playing with his kids. Although ironically he'll now have plenty of time to do so.
Yes, Rabobank's Michael Boogerd took advantage of an afternoon off to play with his son Mikai and ended up breaking a bone in his right foot. He now has a cast up to the knee, and will have the foot further examined today (Friday) at the hospital in Amersfoort, Netherlands. It is not yet known how long he will be off the bike.
Second place at Amstel Gold is officially wide open.
  • Because they have time to ride the courses, Pez takes you on a pictorial tour of the race. As you're reading the live updates tomorrow, click over to the photo of the Turchino Pass tunnel to give yourself the full image.