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MSR Postscripts

News still coming in... Italian journalists are on strike (?), so this may be why Podium Cafe has beaten newspaper giant la Gazzetta Dello Sport to the punch with results.

A few items have come in ...

TuttoBici is the only foreign source I've found so far with something up. Of course it's in Italian, so here's the handy Sherlock translation:

The king of the Sanremo is Pippo Pozzato, is the Quick Step the square more strongly. Just the square game today has been determining in carrying to happened ventiquattrenne the talent vicentino from always to the search of the happened one destined to confirm all the its value. That happening today has arrived, is Milan-Sanremo. We said of the square game: between the battleships Quick Step and Milram the trial of strength has rewarded clearly before, with Petacchi and companions always forced remare in order to recover and to run after. The history has still rejected the onslaught: no Italian succeeds to make doppietta from the 1953 (company of Loretto Petrucci) and no champion of the world succeeds to win in iridata mesh to Sanremo from 1983 when Saronni was prevailed. Perhaps he is also for that the Sanremo is one run only.

The race. Ready via and that the escape is born before, attended and probably very intentional here from the group. They are eight attacking of day, assigns to you to remain in escape in order nearly 240 kilometers: draft of Daniel Contrini (Lpr), Sergey Matveyev and Mirko Allegrini (Panaria), Giampaolo Cheula (Barloworld), Ludovic Auger (FdJeux), David Etxebarria (Euskaltel), Kjell Carlstrom (Liquigas) and Staf Scheirlinx (Cofidis). The riaggancio little before the Cipressa (to signal the fall dii Massimiliano Moors, ugly rubbing to the zigomo for he) on whose first rampe they try the attack Stefano Garzelli before and Andrea Moletta then. Too much fast the sailing point of the group, but, in order to succeed to make the difference: 9' 55 "the cronometraggio of the climb, little more than twenty second ones in more regarding the slid year. In before row Lampre and Quick Step, then also the Milram. It returns to you on the Aurelia, leave in contropiede Moerenhout, Trenti, Schleck and Reynes, with the forced Milram to guide the pursuit. While it begins piovere. The four begin the hill with 18"of advantage, after to have touched also 25". All single then the lussemburghese tries us Frank Schleck. Beautiful release on the Hill of Ballan, followed from Pozzato and then from Astarloa: the three scollinano with ten second ones of advantage on the group, while between the two platoons there are Nocentini, Schleck and Sanchez. The eight second advantage of the six in bottom to the reduction. The six are watched, their great occasion vanish... But to the 300 meters Pippo Pozzato, until that moment always to wheel in defense of the companions, it releases and it succeeds to precede flown Petacchi in with Paolini third to a esultante Boonen.

L'Equipe has come in too.  Here's the lead:

Quick Step gained Milan-San Remo, but it is not a question as that was foreseeable hot favorite, the Belgian Tom Boonen. The Italian Filippo Pozzato benefitted from a strange race end to gain one of traditional most prestigious of the small queen. This young 24 year old runner knew Saturday "the most beautiful day of (its) life" with the large injury of holding of the title, its compatriot Alessandro Petacchi (Milram). Pozzato is the fourth different Italian runner to take down Primavera in five years after Petacchi, Paolo Bettini (2003) and Mario Cippolini (2002).