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Daily Feedbag

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Just a few tidbits today, busy day...

  • It's Wildcard Week. After the Giro announced its selections on Tuesday, the Vuelta quickly rushed theirs out yesterday (Communidad Valenciana and Relax). That left the Tour to follow suit, which they did today. Agritubel and Communidad Valenciana, although the latter's status may be in jeopardy after journalists uncovered documents demonstrating that they aren't French.
  • Alejandro Valverde won the sprint today in Murcia. All he needs is a prologue and he will have won every type of race at least once, right? How old is he? Seriously, are we about to enter the golden age of cycling?
  • Top story at VN -- Lance won't face sanctions for whatever happened in 1999. Apparently it took the UCI six months to determine that you can't take away a guy's license if he doesn't have one.
  • Paris-Nice preview on the way tonight, unless one of my co-authors wants to post one. Gotta run...