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Daily Feedbag

Busy Monday today. And that's even before factoring in the intricacies of potty training a two-year-old.  Anyway, today's our last day to think about la Primavera before it's time to jet off to Flanders.

  • Back at the Cafe, we may need to start hiring correspondents to cover the next few weeks of racing. In Italia, the Coppi e Bartali starts tomorrow for five days, while the Vuelta a Castilla y Leon started today and Redlands Classic kicks off four days of racing on Thursday. But the real action is in Belgium: Dwars door Vlaanderen and G.P. Waregem Wednesday, Prijs Vlaanderen and Brabantse Pijl over the weekend, and Three Days of the Bread next Tues-Thurs, leading up to the Ronde on Sunday April 2. Drew will be reporting "live-ish" for the latter (depending on the interplay between web access, jet lag, and beer). Stick around for my sonnet to the classics, due any moment now.