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Daily Feedbag

I'm getting anxious to move on from San Remo. My bachelor party a few years back was in Vegas (hey, the riding was excellent), and we stayed at the San Remo, one of the hotel/casinos behind the strip. I know the actual Italian Riviera isn't quite so dilapidated, but I can't shake the image from my mind. Anyway, lots of races going on...

  • Kudos to all the readers who have voted in the MSR poll since Saturday. Only one of you has had the guts to pick Other. Maybe it's just a hint that it's time to post a new poll.

As for those races...

  • No results yet from Valladolid, where the Castilla y Leon ITT is underway. Details are short, but being Spain, I'm sure the 11k ride includes at least 5,000 feet of climbing. Vino is there, doing his prep work, as is Iban Mayo. Can we officially call him the Enigmatic Iban Mayo yet?
  • Dwars door Vlaanderen will be live on tomorrow, 6:00/8:00 GMT (whatever that means). Their webcast of Het Volk worked well, but be warned that Het Volk was on a weekend, when presumably most of Europe could watch on TV. So expect more traffic on a weekday.
  • Dwars door Vlaanderen literally means "straight across Flanders." Little course info that I can find yet, but apparently last year started in Kortrijk and finished in Waregem. Lots of typical Belgian climbs, but it's a race for sprinters, with Nico Eeckhoudt, Robbie McEwen, Baden Cooke, Tom Steels, Jelle Nijdam, and Johan Museeuw among winners in the last decade.
  • Coverage is thin so far, but Pez previews the big picture in Belgium for the next couple weeks, while the other news outlets are lagging, and the usual blogs are in transition still.