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If I were King

Good to see Sarah's favorite non-french rider trying to pull things together.

Haselbacher sick of being Crash King

Gerolsteiner's Rene Haselbacher is eager to lose his title of 'Crash King' and start winning again, something he hasn't done since September 2003. "I want to finally win a race again," he told the Wiener Zeitung. "I am very motivated to show that I can still do it."

The 29 year-old Austrian is also hoping to be named to the team's Tour de France squad later this year. Last year he did not make the squad, despite a good showing in the Tour de Suisse. "My whole world fell apart," he said. "I had absolutely figured on starting and prepared for it. It ruined my whole season."

"Of course I have learned from the situation," Haselbacher said about the disappointment, but also knows that the biggest competition he faces comes from within his own team: "It keeps on getting stronger."

On a side note, I'm pretty sure the other riders in the Peleton are sick of him being CK as well.