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No Surprise in Harelbeke

Major display of power this morning by Tom Boonen and his lead-out man Alessandro Ballan. The pair got away for good on the Koppenberg and simply disappeared from the chasing group of elite Classics masters. I'm sure the big outlets will start putting up more detailed reports soon.  Look for Ballan to feed us some quotes about having no chance against Boonen in the sprint. That's the only explanation for his taking the front from 2k practically to the line. brought us great video this morning. It took a few tries before the audio feed got straightened out -- I wonder if this was universal? Anyway, video is the thing, not the audio (much as I like soothing British voices describing the action for me).

If you were watching, I'm sure you heard their pitch for premium subscriptions. Basically, that's a good chunk of their operating budget. My family are suckers for listener-supported radio, so I knew what to do.

Not so many luminaries in the Brabant Arrow tomorrow, but the racing action has been great so far. Might be a good one for the Continental teams, or a Pro Tour squad who doesn't see too many other chances on the horizon.