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Daily Feedbag

The E3 Prijs Vlaanderen/Harelbeke version...

  • Lots of post-race quotes on CyclingNews today, though no explanation from Ballan, as if one would suffice, about his kindly leadout. [Though bottom line, he kicked ass and got second, so nice work otherwise.]
  • More drama at the Criterium International, where Thomas Dekker keeps the good form going, and he and, um, Ivan Basso just put more than a minute into the heads of state. Only Igor Astarloa looks like a serious threat to Basso and Dekker in tomorrow's double Ardennes climb and time trial stages.
    Update [2006-3-25 23:58:25 by chris]: I'm an idiot -- it's Erik Dekker, whose form has been a mystery since a horrible crash five years ago.
    No doubt Bjarne has armed guards assigned to keeping away the ice water. Get race reports here from Bicirace or better yet here from CN.
  • Finally, Damiano Cunego salted away the overall at Coppi e Bartali today, but most of the cycling world was too busy to notice, celebrating the fact that a neo-pro outkicked Paolo Bettini for the stage win.