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A Note From the Editors

Hi there. How are you? What? Oh, fine, thanks for asking! Well, I do have this saddle sore, but... oh, right--

Getting to the point, this is a huge week in Cycling, and we hope to do it justice here at the Podium Cafe. We're shipping Drew off to Belgium on Thursday, where he and a hammerhead friend of ours from Paris (Hi Paul!) will pre-ride the course, and make it to the races Sunday as well as to Ghent-Wevelgem and Paris-Roubaix. I believe they will pre-ride G-W, though they are looking for wheel donations before agreeing to recon the Arenberg forest.

Communication lines are as yet undetermined, but look for Drew to file riveting pieces on Belgian beer, support car traffic, and how to tell the Eikenberg from the Valkenberg.

We at home will continue doing... whatever it is we do. And as much as we love more and more race reports, what I find makes for the best reading are first hand accounts at the race. Anyone who has attended before or is planning to attend this time, please feel free to post diaries (upper right sidebar) and pass on your stories. For those of us stuck at home waiting for OLN to come on, these things are gold. Thanks!