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Daily Feedbag: Flanders Week

A quick media tour of, um, Flanders...

  • Writeups on this morning's Driedaagse de Panne stage are up at CN, and VeloNews. An entertaining finish in the wind, setting up tomorrow's 12k ITT in the afternoon (after a bumpy morning 112km stroll) as the likely decisive stage. With Hoste just 4 seconds back of Eisel, he's in good shape for Postal/Discovery's third straight helping of bread.
  • News Flash!! Tom Boonen has a cold! Nineteen teams just got a flicker of hope. But last year he left Driedaagse with his hand in stitches and still stomped the RVV field, so it's not time to reshuffle the deck just yet.
  • Speaking of flickering hope... Ullrich is having as-yet-undiagnosed knee trouble, and ditched the Circuit de Sarthe. The T-Mobile website has an alarmingly candid rundown of the matter.