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Think They're Tough? No. 1,652

In a continuing series where I reflect my amazement at the incredible toughness of professional cyclists, here's Gerolsteiner's Robert Forster's post-mortem on his little journey over the bars during a sprint interval:

The sprinter was taken to a hospital in Halle, where doctors diagnosed severe concussion and a severely jammed wrist. "To be on the safe side, they did a CAT scan but didn't see anything that hadn't been there before," the sprinter continued, having recovered his humour. "I'm supposed to take it easy now, but with the splint and tape for my wrist I can hardly train anyway." If the healing goes well, Förster will return to racing in the Circuit de la Sarthe on Tuesday, April 4 as planned.

Nothing that would keep him out of an international stage race in a few days' time.