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Daily Feedbag

  • Fridays are typically quieter than the rest of the blogosphere week, a strange arrangement for us at Podium Cafe since it's usually the day before one race of consequence or another. Which makes the silence at VeloNews regarding Paris-Nice all the more odd. For the record, as of this posting we're still the only ones previewing Paris-Nice, unless you count CN's writeup on T-Mobile's youngsters, something reader Sarah covered already in the preview comment thread.
  • Jose Ivan Gutierrez took today's TT at Murcia, with Vino close behind and most of the other big names dropping back a bit. Not to be overlooked in fifth, after a near miss in yesterday's sprint and a good TT today, is the holder of Cycling's most threatening name, Angel Vicioso.
  • Three Days of West Flanders got rolling today with Quick-Step's Francesco Cicci taking the win over Unibet's Jeremy Hunt and German champ Gerald Ciolek, in his second week as a professional. Pippo Pozzato once again was hanging around for the setup, showing once again that the toughest part about winning at Q-S is getting past your own teammates.