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Daily Feedbag: Flanders Week

Previews, previews and more...

  • VeloNews has their preview up... I know, contain your shock. Actually -- Wisdom alert! -- this is Professor Wilcockson, who knows more than me and Pez and Chris Brewer combined. VN plays their ace...
  • It's hard to concentrate elsewhere, but tomorrow is actually the GP Miguel Indurain, a 1.1 rated race. Go to for a, well, startlist, and a map. Rebellin's name jumps off the page, IMHO.
  • CSC's Sunderland on their lineup w/o O'Grady... take a seat boys.
"We don't have any actual favourites, but we do have several potentials: Karsten Kroon, Marcus Ljungqvist, Kurt-Asle Arvesen and Fabian Cancellara are all in great shape right now, and they're very keen to sit up front on Sunday. I think our results lately justify a certain amount of optimism. In my opinion, we have a very real chance of a victory," he predicts.