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Alessandro Ballan, Honorary Flandrian?

Again, more Het Nieuwsbladt, loosely translated:

what thinks you? Can I change my Lampre for such a lion flag?" Alessandro Ballan have never been called "flandrien" but the spirit is there clearly, however. That sixth place in Milaan-Sanremo changes nothing. "It will sound oddly from themouth of a italiaan, but my race remains the Ronde. None other that me motivates so."

It continues...

I want to take such flag home'', still repeat the charming Alessandro, at the Ronde with his spouse Daniela and the half year old Stella on its side. , such a lion flag which you see here everywhere along the parcours of a race (roars), in the end of last year drove I the Japan cup. I was amazed then to see a mass of Japanese with a lion flag in their hands. Seen on national television. Allicht thought them that it hears this way. I find it beautiful."

What does Ballan then not find is beautiful about Flanders? , wind perhaps, or bitter cold. The rain, though nevertheless not in the degree of my compatriots, who do not lose immediately thirty per cent of their possibilities if the sky weeps. , I have almost always won my races in rain! Previous year in the panne and that stage in the Eneco Tour."

Cobblestones are called also absolute no problem, he already
sufficient have proved. "two years were suffered that, however,
differently. In Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne of 2004, got I for the first
time a portie stones on my bord. At us in the region of veneto we do not know that. Cobblestones are not the same such as asphalt, hé. (beat the hands in each other) I played at marbles all sides on but did not touch ahead. Left and Right they threw me around. That comes never well with me and those stones, looked forward to I my dreams already each other to splash. Fortunately my DS took Gianluca Bortolami and me then under its hoede. Back right, with hands firmly on top of the wheel! Things that gets down the Flemish renners but which I had learn all. Piano, piano, bit by bit I learned to love the cobblestones."
"my win in Laigueglia, my third spot in Tirreno-Adriatico and the that strong performance in Milaan-Sanremo have only given me a reputation in Italy. Like in Flanders it however never (is delighted) here I am recognised, I must give signatures and stand with supporters to pose. Here they love écht to cycle racing. That nevertheless sees you to the start? (very) in milaan no way! There they feel nothing for racing. Football! Only football! You must see that Sunday once then! Or Saturday! Previous year thought we of exploring the parcours Saturdays
once more quietly. We knew, however, that then the Ronde was driven for cycle tourists, but so what? Here and there trosje
The environment on the slopes makes Ballan helemààl crazy. "magic is that, pure magic!' ' he purses. , the wall, the old Kwaremont... Previous year I came as a third on top of the wall, behind Van Petegem. Man, man, had hear you go that public once tekeer. Or Saturday still on the Kwaremont, in the zog of Boonen. Superb moments (grijnst) I was, however, glad that I was not on my own. A considerable piece to float, which knew I, however. But zó long, no. There simply no end arrived."
Flandrien-in-spé, which Alessandro Ballan. "Flandrien, what ís
that?' ' it sounds interested. , ah this way, one which is not scared of a beetje wind, rain and stones. Una testa dura therefore, men with a hard head. Call once what names. Briek Schotte, Johan Museeuw, Andrei Tchmil, Michele Bartoli... (fluks) Tom Boonen nevertheless also certainly! (provided) you must win that, to be Flandrien?"