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"Daily" Feedbag

Blogging sporadically on the road for a few days, and that's before we consider the big storm headed our way during my return trip...

  • Will a non-Belgian win anything of note? Nico Eeckhoudt wrapped up the 3DaysofWestFlanders, a/k/a Three Days of Flandrian Bunch Sprints. With Boonen owning every jersey of note in France, that leaves little more than crumbs for the other cycling nations.
  • OK, that's an exaggeration: Santos Gonzales took Murcia, while in Lucca, Petacchi's Milram boys had things set up perfectly for their guy. You know, I can't blame the teams that send their squads to Italy and Spain in March, it sure beats the sleet in France. But winning is all about paying the price, and we can say that, even at a mere 130km a day, people racing Paris-Nice are paying the price.
  • Can't get enough Stephen Roche? Pez takes another in its latest set of trips down memory lane.