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Daily Feedbag: Flanders Week

First, a note about the next 24 hours... I personally plan on watching the OLN rebroadcast at 2pm Pacific without knowing who won, so don't wait for me to chat here. And for those of you who know my phone number, don't bother, I'm going for a long ride in the morning, and screening my calls.

Except for the media, it's a quiet day as the world waits for the start in Brugge...

  • T-Mobile is hurting: Pollack and -- worse still -- Wesemann are both out tomorrow. Klier is in good spirits, at least.
  • Cycling News has a nice little feature up on the race, if you can stomach another valentine to the cobbles. VeloNews keeps pace with the predictable "Belgium gets ready" story that the media can't resist writing.
There are many challengers in Boonen's war path, but one he does not consider a threat is Alessandro Petacchi (Milram). "He has no possibility to win," said the Belgian of the Italian.
  • Words of wisdom from Mr. Van P:
"The start is given in Brugge, and by the time we reach the Muur a lot will have happened. Until the Muur you have to make sure that you stay out of trouble and that you don't have to ride defensively. And after that it's man against man. Simple. If you win the Ronde, then you have beaten the rest."