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Daily Feedbag: Paris-Roubaix Hangover

A couple thoughts, and some debriefing links as well...

  • What the hell is wrong with the P-R/Amaury organization, that allows the winner to be pummeled by journalists at the line? The scrum that broke out was pretty alarming and shameful, and although the journalists are primarily at fault for behaving like animals, the ASO people's inability to anticipate and prevent this is pathetic. It's not like the same organization has any trouble closing the finish off every day for three straight weeks in July.
  • I wonder what would've transpired in the finish if Cancellara had been the one caught at the train crossing? Obviously there would have been a quick regrouping of the favorites, including Boonen, but just as Cyclists don't attack a rider who punctures or crashes, some sort of justice-on-the-fly would've been due to Cancellara, right? I can't imagine Boonen, in the rainbow jersey, doing something as cheesy as pouncing on Cancellara during the sprint, knowing that he was beaten on the road.
  • Speaking of Boonen, Boonen speaks on yesterday's return to Earth.
  • Link of the day: Over at the Paceline, it's time to Ask Johan!. Question 1: what the hell...? On Hincapie's shoulder: "It's not fractured but it has separated from the articulation."
  • Runner up to the link of the day: Video from the finish line at Watch the whole thing to catch Phil's final thoughts.