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"Say Hello to My Little Friend!"

The other possible titles for this post would be a daily feedbag of some sort, and "Paris-Roubaix: 'Til Next Time...." But since CyclingNews wormed their way into the CSC victory party Sunday and discovered that Cancellara's nickname is Tony Montana, from his beloved Scarface, well, all we can say is, first you win Roubaix, then you get the power...

As for his little friend:

Like a number of teams, CSC rode on carbon bikes during the race. It was questioned by others before the start, but Riis put his full support behind his director Scott Sunderland. It proved to be the right choice, as Cancellara appeared to be floating over the cobbles and the team only suffered one puncture on the day. Sunderland explained to Cyclingnews that the Cérvelos they used had a box-section downtube and a special chain- and seat-stay design so that the rear triangle flexed more on the cobbles, almost like rear suspension. In addition, the team was running 27mm tubulars with normal spoked wheels. "I have never been that comfortable on the cobbles," Fabian confirmed to the VUM papers. "The frame; the wheels, everything was picobello."
  • Quote of the evening: "Not only did I win with my legs, but I was also very strong in my head." I know what Cancellara means, but this is one of those slightly awkward phrases used by riders whose native tongue isn't English, and it always makes me think of, like, Tweety Bird, or Barry Bonds.

Anyway, here are some other folks' last thoughts on Sunday's Epic.

Update [2006-4-11 20:29:33 by chris]: New links, including the link du jour...

  • Eurosport follows up on Davitamon's protest of de Peet's ejection. Speaking of Van Petegem, CyclingNews goes sleuthing around team HQ to scope out his ride. Unfortunately, Cycle Sport just did about 10 glossy pages on Davitamon's bikes, but hey, not everyone can afford five bucks for a magazine, right?
  • The Paceline has an assortment of goodies: our link of the day! a press release from Trek where they earnestly exonerate themselves and pledge to get to the bottom of Hincapie's mechanical; and not one but two sets of photos from race day.
  • Back to Eurosport, they've got a short video recapping the race, with some brief interviews (Lefevre, Boonen, Cancellara). Also, Cycling.TV premium viewers should have access to a longer race footage archive by now.
  • Pez always keeps it interesting, and this week they're giving us the Fans' eye view as they try to catch the P-R peloton four different times. Pez boys are smart: they clearly parlayed a few puff pieces for this tour company they're shilling into a free ride around France. Wish I'd thought of it first...
  • And last but hardly least, if you really want to turn the page, Bicirace will be glad to help. But this has nothing to do with how their paisani have done in the Cobbles (bubkis) versus the Ardennes (glory!)...