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Why I'll always love Cippo

From today's Pez review of Amstel:

1993: Sprinting lessons by ROLF JAERMANN

The race really started on the famous Cauberg: Jaermann, Van der Poel and Heppner launch the decisive escape. Gianni Bugno - World Champion at the time - reacts and joins the leaders. Again and again, Bugno tries to get away. Van der Poel and Heppner break, Jaermann only bends. A 2 man sprint, Bugno being 100:1 favourite. Launching the final sprint much too late, Bugno is beaten by half a wheel by Swiss Rolf Jaermann. A major surprise, completed by the legendary comments of Mario Cipollini: "I'll soon open a sprint school. I already have 2 pupils inscribed: Ballerini and Bugno." As Gianni Bugno, Franco Ballerini lost the sprint he never should have against Gilbert Duclos-Lasalle, in Paris-Roubaix earlier that year. Rolf Jaermann won again in 1998.