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Amstel Gold -- Game ON!

We're LIVE here from a friend's house in Olympia, Washington. Sage is sleeping poorly, and I can't find the coffee maker, but the bitrate here is oustanding, and the chatter is wrapping up, so let's get started!

  • The CTV boys like Kroon, Sanchez, and I didn't hear Pez's choice.
  • Visibility at today's race is over five feet, a marked improvement over last year. Weather looks cloudy, but after slogging the rain yesterday I can say it seems more than good enough for racing. Was wet at the start though.
  • Anthony McCrossan! That's the answer to today's trivia question -- what's the name of CTV's lead announcer? I've watched about 15 hours on this channel and have yet to hear him say his own name, but not only have they made a deal with nearly every great race, they've also hired a producer to put up graphics!
  • Moreau, Bram Schmidt, 3 others in an early break. Make that two, one of the break riders from Skil Shimano got bounced from the race for motorpacing after a flat. Leaders are putting out about 400 watts, which would explain why Moreau is suddenly nowhere to be seen.
  • And the break is under the red kite, roaring to a dramatic finish! Oh, wait, this is one of like seven laps of the Cauberg, never mind. I'm reading the course map now, and after summitting here they turn back around and do two more reps before going on.
  • OK, Cycling.TV has a link to SRM data, where Schmidt is today's guinea pig, but I need multiple computers to keep track. And since I'm not home, and the hosts are asleep, I'll forego downloading a java update for now. It's a nice idea and a fun distraction while waiting for the business end of the race, but Brian and Anthony are announcing the numbers often enough.
  • Boogerd second under the Cauberg banner. Getting practice for later. Cycling News reports Moreau has abandoned. 78 KM to go, as the bunch approaches the Geulhemmerenberg, 9% climb.