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Daily Feedbag: Ardennes Edition

Hm, all we have to cover today is the close of a monument race, a mid-week semi-classic, and the preparation for America's biggest stage race. Should be a quiet week. Maybe a good chance to catch up on some work...

From Amstel:

  • I'm still searching for Dutch media in English, but I think I understand what Boogerd means by "Ik ben Eddy Merckx niet." Indeed, niet, niet.

See ya next year, Limburg. Elsewhere in the Cycling world...

  • Can anyone explain why 174 riders started today's Rund um Koln and only 25 finished? My race Saturday didn't even have that high a kill rate, and we waded through snow flurries. BTW, Christian Knees scored a win for Milram...
  • VeloNews is not utterly worthless, at least when things heat up down in, say, the Tour de Georgia. VN jumps the field with its generic preview (mildly useful links included). BiciRace has the goods too.
  • Damiano Cunego tuned up for Liege with a win at the Giro d'Oro, mostly beating up on continental teams.