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Daily Feedbag: Amstel-Liege-Brasstown Week

Home with a sick child, in theory at least. Maybe he can help me sift through all of today's news...

  • Time to leave Belgium aside for a few moments today, as hostilities get underway for real in the Tour de Georgia (et, brievement, Tennessee), with a bumpy 24 km time trial over the state line to Chattanooga. If Landis isn't in yellow tonight it'll be a big shock, but like last year his stay in yellow mightn't be forever. First riders off at 11am (90 minutes ago), done by 2pm Eastern.
  • Last thought on La Fleche: I hate to be the guy that predicts repeats of history, but given his age, the timing of the race, the probability of the favorites arriving intact on the Mur, and his combined sprinting and climbing, shouldn't we be wondering how many times Alejandro Valverde will win Fleche Wallonne? I can't think of a race and rider that suit each other much better, besides maybe Flanders and Boonen.
  • BiciRace has today's Trentino stage 3 results. Can't stand the suspense? David Munoz won a flat stage. Cunego has one more flat ride to overall victory.
  •  The proprietors of TdFblog are in full Georgia mode with their new TdGBlog.
  • Teamwork is the hallmark of CSC, and right now nobody can question its value. Are they the New England Patriots of Cycling? Kroon said this yesterday after La Fleche (picked up by CN), and its significance cannot be overstated:
"I'm very satisfied with the race and it's a big deal to end up on the podium in a classic like Flèche Wallonne," Kroon said. "It was such a luxury to have a world-class team behind me, and when riders like Sastre, Basso and Voigt sacrifice themselves to help me, it's nice to get the job done in the end."
And Riis: We did really well in this race, and it was a pleasure to see Karsten on the podium after he has consistently delivered good results for a long time now," said the Danish team director. "He truly deserves a result at this level. We chose the right tactics for this race and managed to take advantage of the fact that we had a strong and top motivated team. Everyone did a great job out there and it was impressive to see Ivan sacrifice himself for his teammates. Our efforts today do justify a certain amount of optimism ahead of Liège-Bastogne-Liège."
  • Whoa... ESPN covers cycling! Of course, it's only because Lance picked his nose, or is running a marathon, or something.

Later today: Liege Previews!!